Fabrice Muller Photography | Bio & References


I was born in 1966 in Switzerland. My father gave me the virus and photography became a passion for a while, a lot of long nights in my darkroom in the basement. Digital photography was not really a revelation, I like to retouch digital pictures to give them a vintage feeling !
For a few years I came back to the source, using polaroid with expired films, old cameras and old processes like collodion wet plate from 1860. It has always been a challenge to me being able to understand and manage this kind of processes.

Erotic Photography and "Porno Chic" are my favorites kind of photographies. I have some amazing artists as
a reference like Helmut Newton, Jeanloup Sieff, Ed Fox, Guido Argentini, Roy Stuart.

Happily married for 27 years to Laure-Anne who is also my lovely model, we share the following philosophy :

Life Through Our Eyes

Life is unique 
Life is fantastic
Our eyes takes pictures
Our eyes keep them hidden
We share our view of life with you
We wish you will like it as much as we do

2016 Poladarium 2017 http://poladarium.de Germany 3 polaroid in the calendar 2017
2015 Photo used as Book Cover Illustration http://librairielabuissonniere.com Switzerland "Monument Valley", Utah
2015 Poladarium 2016 http://poladarium.de Germany 2 polaroid in the calendar 2016
2015 Photo used as Book Cover Illustration http://amazon.fr/dp/1484806751 Switzerland "The Rape of the Sabine"​, Firenze
2015 Curious Camera Exhibition - Tucson http://curiouscamera.com/gallery.html USA Honorable Mention, Exhibition 2015
2014 Sagacity Magazine - Interview & Publication http://sagmag.com/fabrice-muller/ USA Interview & 8 photos published
2014 Poladarium 2015 http://poladarium.de Germany 2 polaroid in the calendar 2015
2014 Magazine Photo France http://photo.fr/concours France Published in the Top Best Nude Polaroid
2014 Vogue Italy http://vogue.it/en/photovogue Italy Polaroid accepted & published
2014 Gallery 1 "Raw Beauty" Exclusive Book http://rawbeauty.nl/home/raw-beauties Netherlands Polaroid Theme: sensual, erotic
2014 Gallery 1 "Raw Beauty" Exhibition http://rawbeauty.nl/home/raw-beauties Netherlands 2 polaroid in exhibition in Amsterdam
2014 ERRR-Magazine http://errr-magazine.com/# Mexico 23 polaroid published in the Magazine
2013 Poladarium 2014 http://poladarium.de Germany 2 polaroid in the calendar 2014
2009 Photographer of the Year Prize - 2nd place Erotic review books - London UK 8 Photos published in the book